How play might resolve trauma and rewrite your epigenome

Improvisational theater can be therapy


The trauma experienced by your grandparents can be carried in expression of your genes, creating neurological or behavioral disorders that are an adaptive response to experiences you never had.

To resolve that trauma, you will need new experiences that position you in control. The best way to do that may be thru play acting, such as improvisational theater, with a qualified therapist and a willing cast of supporting actors.

See the full article on epigenetics below.

Self-Actual Engineering
The Genetic Self: Epigenetics
Summary Nucleic DNA is not our destiny. Experiences turn gene expression on/off through epigenetic adaptations that mask or unmask our DNA. Nonetheless, we inherit epigenetic adaptations from our ancestors — meaning that we can be neurobiologically predisposed to disordered thought and behavior patterns resulting from either our trauma…
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